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Professional Internet Marketing Agency: Local & National SEO, PPC, Social Media

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Full Professional Digital Marketing Agency. SEO, PPC and Social Media 100% FULLY OUTSOURCED Marketing Reseller Business - NO Exp. Required It is a professional Internet Marketing Website with super flexible WordPress theme, which has fully responsive design for any device. The site provides search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and Social Media management services. Client Login Demo Feel free to access the client demo dashboard using these login details: Username: demoagency Password: demoagency123 Traffic I drive direct traffic of targeted customers via email lists, solo ads and swap ads. I use a List Building System that builds the list and gets traffic to the website. This System actually lets you build you a real list and forces others to build your list for you as well. Since there is no reserve, the client base is not included in this sale; however I will show the winning bidder through a comprehensive marketing plan how to build the new client base with the exact same Email Listing Building system and other effective methods to bring traffic and convert new clients the same way I have done with this site. What you get The premium domain Theme, design and web development work All files and databases of the site The Marketing Plan from start to finish Email List Building System Comprehensive resource guide to help you get traffic immediately. My Ad Swap Strategy and Sources and How to use Ad Swaps and Solo Ads. Uploading and moving the site to your hosting company. Excellent Post Sale Support. I’ll be there to answer your questions. Who I am With a decade of Internet marketing experience including seven years devoted to SEO and Email Marketing, I rely on an in-depth knowledge of the rapidly evolving Email Marketing and SEO industries to create effective email and online marketing campaigns that maximize online visibility and attract new clients. As a seasoned marketing professional, I have experience in creating robust, dynamic email marketing and SEO strategies for a wide range of websites and is uniquely positioned to identify industry-specific areas of opportunity in their earliest stages of development. Profit You are in full control of the business and can increase or decrease the prices at any time. Profit margins are around 50% before advertising expenses. Advertising average from $400 to $600 per month. How to Make a Buy It Now (BIN) Offer In a public auction, sellers can set a Buy It Now price for which they're happy to sell the property on the spot. Buyers can then bypass the auction system to instantly buy the site. You don't have to wait until the auction ends even if you are the highest bidder. I will consider all BIN (Buy It Now) offers for this website. Just send me a private message and I will respond at my earliest convenience to your offer with an acceptance, rejection or reasonable counter-offer. If I accept your offer, I will adjust the BIN amount for your immediate purchase. The BIN bonuses will still be included. BIN (Buy It Now) Bonus If you purchase the site with the BIN option, you get the best training marketing materials: 1. SEO Simplified Course (31 pages) 2. SEO Starter Guide (32 pages) 3. Enterprise Local Marketing (37 Pages) 4. Link Building Course (101 pages) 5. Creating a Social Media Campaign (19 pages) 6. Results Driven Content Marketing (65 pages) 7. Guide to Lead Generation (160 pages) 8. Guide to Marketing Your Business (45 pages) 9. Facebook Advertising (21 pages) 10. Beginner's Guide to PPC (55 pages) Feel free to make an offer or contact me for any question to my email:




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