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Hello. Welcome to toastedexotics where we retail and wholesale premium quality CBD oils and other medical cannabis derivatives for one's health and recreation. This is a highly gratifying, functional and responsive wordpress ecommerce online store. We make money by selling our products online and to our customer list. We do generate on average $1050 per month. We do think this business will be profitable for you as it was for us. We do generate on average $1050 per month. We do think this business will be profitable for you as it was for us This is a unique website because it have a very huge inventory which very few websites on freemarket have. After you purchase a website, I will provide you a supplier information. ---About Website/Business : This is an ecommerce store which are specialized in Cannabis and CBD Hemp products genre. Very much trending genre these days. (FAQ) : --- Why should i buy from you? I have 10+ years of experience in software and website business working as a website developer After sale support provided Pro level website design and features Ready to earn website, no further changes needed. You just need to add your payment method which is just one click work. Unique and Special BUY IT NOW offers I provide. 100% Positive feedback. Premium TLD domain name. I add product on the website after so much of research work to get maximum profit. --- How this store works? Customer visits to the website and search for the thing they want to buy. They will "Add to Cart" the thing which they want to buy. Then they will checkout and pay for the order. You will receive the email about the order and payment from buyer You will give some payment to the supplier of product. They will manage shipping and all other things. --- Why should I buy this business? Suitable for passive source of income. Trending business and very much in demand. Easy to run and handle. Now technical skills required. Easy to add or remove products without technical skills No Need to Worry about hosting plan No need of SSL certificate as it is already included No need to worry about hacking or stealing of customer data. All products have >=100% Margin, Premium TLD domain name. High Profit Business, No Inventory needed, Passive Income. You don't need to worry the downtime of website or heavy traffic as we have paid a huge amount on hosting which can handle large number of traffic. We have a rank score of #2,891,185 on alexa You don't need to worry about the expensive stocks and about the place where to keep that stock. You don't need to worry about shipping because this is managed by supplier itself. You don't need to spend lots of money to keep inventory/stock as inventory are very costly. We have suppliers here in this website, All The inventory is managed by suppliers and they are very trustworthy. These suppliers are our partners, so all are their responsibility to manage stock and deliver it to the customers. --- What is required to keep the business operational? Answer: Some hardwork and dedication --- How the shipping handled? Answer : Shipping is handled by supplier itself. There is nothing to be worried about it. You don't need to be indulge in the shipping process. It is one to one between your customer and supplier itself. --- How much time this business need? 2 hr/week is enough to operate this business. You can spend more time if you want. You can make this as a part time income source or full time income source. --- Is it possible to add products? Yes, it is 100% possible and very easy to add products from supplier. There are millions of product available. Choose any or remove any as per your choice. --- What can the new owner can do to grow this store/business. Add more products. Add more categories. Write blogs and articles so that google can crawl them and make your website searchable. Contact us for Website Developments or Designs. We will have an exclusive discount for you if you purchase the site.


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