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How many brand-able 5 character Domains are left? None... how many domains beginning with SEO? Zero. Epic branding is already done and good luck finding better. Average Rank 2 on "Wilmington SEO" for 6 months (is always in the top 3). You get the Website, Logos, graphics, 3D logo animations, lifetime commercial licensing on the commercial wordpress software used to build it and the Domain Name. Currently built on a Debian/Apache VPS in Google Cloud. Sale includes 3 hour training (will probably only need 1.5) on the current configuration in Google Cloud and how backups/restores are done or will migrate to your choice of hosting. Website is currently integrated with one of the largest SEO reseller companies in the world, it is a fully "ready to go" business in a box. Will also give 2 hours of training and configuration on that platform if requested.



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