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This is completely an outsourced business hence the owner of the website doesn’t need to be skillful in SEO or doesn’t need to be an SEO expert or website expert. You even don’t need technical knowledge to run this business. This is a newbie-friendly business which will help you to earn millions of dollars from anywhere in the world This is an evergreen business that won’t get slow down due to economic crises like we are facing these days due to the CORONA virus. You can blindly invest in this business and earn from it. Business Valuation I evaluate the price to this business to be around $8000, based on the following factors like domain name, plugins/apps and theme installed, development cost, Graphics and Logo designing, BIN Bonuses, future of the business and potential of the business. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ How this business works 1. Customer visit the website 2. Then he/she chooses the service which they want from the list of available services 3. Then he/she pay via PayPal 4. Then you can forward/outsourced the order to the supplier/SEO experts 5. Once they complete their work then you can deliver it to your clients From where do I find the best SEO expert at an economical price? I will let the winner know about the complete details of from they can get the best SEO experts.



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