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A great name, I believe. And a niche with real potential. Also included in this deal: all these 4 domains: and and and I think people who love foodie stuff will connect with the name. The name easily suggests something: foodie stuff: so it naturally targets a niche; but it also covers lots of food niches… ‘’, for example, would be a great name for an organic-food business, but is, I think, a stronger name to build a brand with – it's a very unique name. And it straight-off suggests foodie; and unlike the likes of, it naturally ‘targets’ a whole bunch of related niches: organic food, producing food, nutrition, cooking, etc, etc… …which gives it really big potential… It’s a ‘growing’ market: there’s growing awareness about where our food comes from, about organic food and growing methods, home-growing, home cooking, quality food in restaurants; farmers’ markets are expanding, etc, etc. The name, of course, naturally covers the whole kit and caboodle: from plow to plate. And in this age of brand, a great name is so important. Especially for an internet business. I challenge you to forget the name ‘PlowToPlate’. Bet you can’t forget it. This domain could be used for many food-related projects. Here are some facts if you use it for an authority site on food: For an authority site a realistic figure on number of searches is around 500,000 for a full-time income. About $80,000 / €62,000 / £52,000 per year from the business. “organic food” has 673,000 searches; “nutrition” has 16,600,000 searches; “recipes” has 101,000,000 searches; “grow food” has 110,000 searches; “farmers markets” has 1,220,000 searches… …each of those keywords has ‘low’ or ‘medium’ competition… …that’s just 5 keywords; and there are loads more relevant keywords. Add up the figures from those 5 keywords, and we have 119,603,000 searches. More than 119 million… Here’s the maths: If 500,000 searches monthly can bring $80K each year, then 119,603,000 searches monthly can bring $19,136,480 per year. …more than $19 million PER YEAR… I don't know if you will make that amount, but you can see the potential for this niche, in this growing market of food.



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