LocalFarmerProduce is well designed platform that meet local farmer producers with clients.

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LocalFarmerProduce is well designed platform that meet local farmer producers with clients. It is build on wordpress with 2 premium themes. It also has custom code and design. What is included in the sale? The platfor has two main domain names which are :  (if you are visiting the website from US you will get automaticly redirected) Which is the landing page for non US residents . It is build with premium wordpress template and unique content. This is the actual  Marketplace. It  is also build on wordpress with another premium template. Here  we  had made some  customisation in the code and design  worth $ XXXX .  You can create your own acount the check it out. This is the perfect platform that connects local farmers with local clients. The Idea was to create another domain for each coutry and redirect them according to location. For that you only need to traslate the wordpress and create marketing and advertising campaign . Also we have included WPML translation plugin license worth $195 in order to be able do translate the pages to all unlimited languages. What is required to keep the business operational? Steady online promotion and somebody to manage the listings.   Why are you selling the business? The platform was designed for one of our clients but the deal never happend and we are looking for some returns. How does the business generate revenue? From listing fees, and featured listing tax. Also there is un option for percentage after the sale. Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? Future online marketing, hosting and maybe moderator to view the listings if you don't have time. What marketing initiatives have been used for this business? Future owner can use Google adwords, facebook and many  more. How can the future owner improve the business? Launch the website in more countries worldwide. For more information about the project and the platform please send us a PM

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