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My Skype: technicalgiants My Email : This is a Website Hosting Affiliate/Booking Website, Earn From Booking Affiliate Commission, Amazon Affiliate, Adsense, Advertise With Us Feature, etc. How & How much do you earn from this website? There are many ways you can earn from this great website, I am writing up a few of them with details. 1. By Getting 1 Hosting Purchase you can earn upto $150 per hosting booking 2. By using Amazon affiliate! Amazon Affiliate program gives you 4-16% from each sale you did for Amazon. So, you can also use Amazon affiliate on this website. 3. Adsense! Adsense is one of the proven sources of earning a big income, you can add your Adsense on the website and start getting big earning from it 4. Advertise with us feature! I have added a "Advertise with us" feature on the website, with that feature you can earn a big money. Agencies or individual is usually ready to pay for advertising their products on the website similar to So you can put their ads and take money as per your choice like $500 for 30 days etc. Total Website Worth : Development Cost: $1550 USD Domain Worth: $481 USD Logo Worth: $235 USD Total Worth : $1550 + $481 + $235 = $2226 USD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Out Of This World BUY IT NOW Bonuses Worth More than $3000 USD! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't miss to add me on watching list, you can do it from here "Watch Me For Future Listing Updates". I will add more listing in the future too. This Website Comes as Straight Out Of The Box. Ready to Earn. Don't hesitate to share your BUY IT NOW price, I will consider it and close the deal right away. I will give you extraordinary offers when you will do BUY IT NOW. So Don't hesitate. Make this website yours before anyone else. More details of the website are written in the proposal. If you are willing to BUY this website, I would love to sell it right now So I have come up with special BUY IT NOW OFFERS 23+ Out Of This World Bonuses Worth More Than $3000 USD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special on this website which makes this website stand from the crowd 1. SEO Friendly Domain name 2. Fast Loading Speed. 3. Unique, Responsive & SEO Friendly Design. 4. Design with the latest HTML standards. 5. Website is made in WordPress, so have powerful admin panel. 6. No technical skills required to run this website. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT YOU WILL GET IF YOU WIN THIS AUCTION 1. Full ownership of the domain name 2. All website files, web graphics as well as databases and its contents. 3. Support via email or Skype from me for any questions you may have. 4. Site configuration with your Affiliate programs.



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