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Automated Flight Hotel Booking Website, $5k-$10k pm Potential, Passive Income This is a WordPress based Flight, Hotel & Tour Booking Website, Earn From Booking Affiliate Commission, Amazon Affiliate, AdSense, Advertise With Us Feature,etc. No Reserve. Your bid make you a winner About Me: I own many website of different niche including website services business, hosting affiliate business, amazon affiliate business, hotel and flight booking business, tour booking business, many dropshipping stores, adsense based blogs and many more. I am earning alot from them. When I got to know about flippa, so I thought to make a similar kind of potential website and sell it on flippa so that I can earn some extra. I made this website with my 15 years of experience and believe me, This website would work 100% well as my personal websites do. I will list different niche website one by one here on flippa. So now I would like to tell you about this currently listed business. First of all, I will just say one word for this business is : "OUTSTANDING" Yes, you read it right. You can easily make alot of money this business only without stressing yourself. Even you can leave your job and can live a happly life with this business only like I do. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS(FAQ) : --- How can you earn ? There are many ways you can from this blog. You can add ads like propellers, clickbank, AdSense etc. By Booking a flight or hotels affiliate commission - If someone books a flight or hotels, You will earn 1.1 to 1.5% of the ticket price. (Example: for a ticket costing $500, you will receive $5.50 to $6.20). Adsense - Adsense is one of the proven sources of earning a big income, you can add your Adsense on the website and start getting big earning from it. Advertise with us feature - I have added a "Advertise with us" feature on the website, with that feature you can earn a big money. Agencies or individual is usually ready to pay for advertising their products on the website like this. So you can put their ads and take money as per your choice like $500 for 30 days etc. You can add your amazon affiliate or any other affiliate and earn from them (4-16% affiliate earning from every product sold) You can add coupons just like coupons website and earn affiliate earning from them. Add health products affiliate and earn big from them as health product affiliate have high commission Use advertise with us feature to put ads of other business on this website and earn from them You can use this website as dropshipping/ecommerce as this website already have shopping cart feature(Very high earning). On BUY IT NOW, Get one Shopify Dropshipping Website Free. No technical skills and no coding skills required to use this website. This website is simple as simple as eating pizza. If you want more money in your life, go for this website...don't miss out any opportunity.



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