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★ Earn $149 to $1000/mo. Selling 12 best Dropship ecommerce Stores Marketplace ★ Earn Passive income with 3 different ways. Read details till the last line. ★ Sell Premium Money Making Dropship Stores that people love to buy for passive income. You are buying not just a simple website but a fully functional automated online business that is ready to make you money with a very little effort that you can do in your spare time. ★ is a brand-able name for Dropship Stores marketplace. It’s a keyword rich domain name that attracts buyer’s attention. It is built with WordPress + woocommerce that is the popular pair of latest ecommerce requirements. Beautiful Responsive Design to increase more accessibility for all the devices. Easy to understand and easy to manage business model. Lowest investment for highest profit. ★ What is the business model and profit margin: Business Model: It’s simple; The customer will order dropship store(s) and pay instantly via PayPal. You’ll receive instant money in your PayPal. the customer will get instant website download link in the inbox right after successful payment with document of setup and configuration instructions. You’ll keep your profit. After buying this marketplace, you’ll be selling pre-made automated dropshipping ecommerce online Stores for listed price or you can change and enter your own price so the profit is on your own choice. ★ You’ll be selling : Pre-made 12 ecommerce online Dropshipping Stores for “Full 100% profit”. Direct Payment in your PayPal. Custom Website Packages for 20% commission (one-time) on each order. We’ll complete your order and deliver to your customer. Web hosting packages for 40% commission (one-time) on each order. We’ll provide web hosting service to your customer according to the package description. ★ Your per month Earning Potential: Ok, So you are ready to start your personal online business were you will be selling pre-made ecommerce Dropshipping Stores from $149 to $249 per store but you will be in full control to change the prices by your choice. ★ How will I receive payment and profit? You need to provide us your PayPal id or you can replace our PayPal id with yours in the payment option so you will be paid directly from the customer as soon as they order a dropship store, Custom website or Web hosting package. So at least $1000 can be earned without any paid marketing via Social media link sharing on FB, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest, Instagram etc. ★ How to reply to the customer’s question? Please refer the customer to “FAQ” page for basic questions. ★ What will your customer get on ordering a Dropshipping store at your marketplace? The customer will receive instant download link in is inbox after successful payment by PayPal. The customer will be able to received: · Dropship store download link including WordPress website backup files + database · Instructions for setting up website in cpanel + configuration details (instructions file in text) · Instructions about creating social media pages to promote your marketplace · 24/7 online technical support ★ What will “You” get on Buying this Dropshipping stores marketplace from us? On buying this marketplace you will get: 1. Domain Name: Domain will be pushed to your dynadot account. It has full year to renew. 2. Complete WordPress website backup files and database file including Free theme + ecommerce Plugin + basic plugins + pages (text, images, slider pics). 3. Complete WordPress backup files + databases of all 12 dropshipping stores that are currently listed for sale at marketplace. 4. Download instructions, Download links source, Download details for the buyer. 5. Setup and configuration instructions for buyer’s cpanel 6. Free Transfer on buyer’s cpanel (on-demand)



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