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My Skype : jasbirsaini30 This is a dogs website which contains a lots of articles, this website is perfect for passive source of income, you can monetize website using adsense or amazon affiliate or any other monetization methods. What is included in the sale? Domain + Website Files & DB Why are you selling the business? We are dedicated team of website developers which develop website in every niche and every type. We made website and increase their worth and sell them so that Buyers can get benefits from that. How does the business generate revenue? The site can be monetize using Google AdSense or Amazon Affiliate or any other ads network. Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they? Just Hosting Cost How can the future owner improve the business? The dog niche is huge and there are endless opportunities. Some ideas include: Affiliate shop: The site runs on a premium fully responsive theme that is WooCommerce compatible. I had planned to add an affiliate Share-A-Sale shop and believe this would do really well. Content Most categories of informative dog content are already well-covered, but new information about dogs emerges all the time. There are however big opportunities to expand user-generated content, for example: Allow users to upload articles and images of their dogs Start a forum Find experts like dog trainers, vets etc to write posts. Most will do this for the promotional opportunity without charge. We also deals in dropshipping website, you can contact me for shopify dropshipping too or for making any website.



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