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My Skype: technicalgiants My Email : This is a themes, plugins and code selling website. All the themes, plugins and code are personally developed by me myself. The new owner will have all these items. I believe in the transparent deal so I am going to write everything so frankly about this business There is some more unique and special feature I added on the website to make it more professional. 1. Ticket System: I added a ticket system feature on the website which any professional website must have. This will attract customers focus. 2. Affiliate System: I added an affiliate system feature where anyone can register as an affiliate member and promote the products of the website. This is a great tool of marketing and for getting big income. 3. Customized Theme: This website theme is customized by me so that no other design on the internet exist like that. Website is 100% unique in the look which makes this website more worthy



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