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Description has so much potential if the new owner will invest some marketing fund to it and probably add a few more unique ideas to target the niche. I didn't want to give up its URL name and business concept. I've been holding it for 9 yrs. Now I don't have time to manage it anymore as I am running other eCommerce and IT businesses and also teaching on the side. It's perfect for hobbyist, artist, blogger, young entrepreneur who wants to target people who love cartoons or cute contents. The name itself is perfect for SEO. I'm honest with the data: Benefits of buying this small online business: 1. Transparency and honesty of the owner/founder. 2. You can sell lots of products and services or even membership subscription for artists if you want to go on that business model. 3. Site Branding (logo). If you want to change it, I can also re-design it for you free of charge. 4. Will guide you through the ownership transfer - domain, platforms, setup. 5. Suggestions on how to improve it and market it better. 6. Includes social media accounts (FB, IG, Twitter, Pinterest) It has a total of 2K+ followers. 7. Training on how to update the page, system/platform. You have to run it with a team or someone who is creative and knows digital marketing and social media. If you're interested, let's chat.



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