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No Reserved. Men & Women "Cargo Pants" ECommerce Dropship Store. Make passive Income ! ★ 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK ★ ONLY 7 DAYS AUCTION! ★ No Reserved Auction ★ Profitable Business Domain Name ★ Low BIN Start Dropshipping online With Low Investment! Million Dollars Business Domain + Dropship Store for Sale Are you looking for a Perfect Dropship Store with ability to make 4 Figure Earning $$$$ with a little or no work or without any programing experience? Please Read this till the Last Line Dropshipping ECommerce Stores are Red hot and most wanted online business that are being sold for 4 figures to 6 figures price at, and other top marketplaces. is a perfect busines model designed to use latest Google trends analytics to find the best dress for 2019. DOMAIN DESCRIPTION: ********************** eCommerce Domain Registered: (account push) Expiry November 29, 2020 ★ TLDs Sold: 8 Already Taken ★ SERP Searches: 107,000 ★ Broad Montly Searces: 2400 ★ Exact Montly Searces: 320 ★ Cost per Click: $2 ★ Very Short: short domains are more memorable ★ Highly Searched: Cargo Pants receives over 320 searches per month on Google ★ Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $2 per click to advertise under CargoPants STORE DETAILS: ----------------------- Fully Automated online store No experience required to run Very Simple as easy as 1, 2, 3 How it works: ========== There are pre built categories to sell Cargo Pants. You can add 1000s of products to sell on your store ! I'll guide how to add more products to your store. Prices will be automatically multiplied from the cost so if the product supplier price is listed for $50, it will be multiplied with x2 so it will be for sale on your store for $100 (You can change the prices as well) Just import all the products to your store and you are done. 1- Select Products from Supplier 2-Import Products & Customize 3-Publish to your store No Experience Required. Just integrate to your Paypal account and start Earnin $$$$ Most Popular Dropshipping model Super easy to manage Admin area Adding or Removing products as easy as 1, 2, 3 Website Features: Secure SSL License installed. 100% secure online transaction Complete Payment processing method with Paypal Clean and professional online Store with images matching website color themes Very Easy to manage Products and Product Categories Super easy to manage Admin Area (tutorial links will be provided to newbies) All neccessary pages already created like Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Return Policy, Contact etc Easy to Customize WordPress Theme, Widgets, Pages etc Website Business Model: Very simple business model used for making money with this online store using dropsipping method. Customer will buy product from your online store for the listed price. You will receive instant money in your paypal account. You'll keep the profit and forward the order to your supplier for the wholesale price. Supplier will send the order directly to the customer. Website Monetization: Sell Advertisement space by placin ads on your website on per month basis. Make money with PPC by affiliating with google adsense or any other top Ad network. Sell affiliate products on your website to make extra money. Sell your website at any Web Business selling marketplace like to make money What you'll get: ========== ★ Domain Name ★ Website Files and Database + Existing Products text images videos (if any) ★ Free Transfer to your Hosting Account. (if you don't have hosting, buy cheap package from us with Free SSL support) ★Domain name push to your account. Should you have any question, Feel free to ask now.



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