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Amazon Affiliate Review Store with $22 last month profit

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Why you should buy it: This is an excellent way to make extra money in a very profitable niche with the world's largest and most popular affiliate program. Get fully automated and self updating website generating free organic traffic and stable passive profit right here and right now. How to earn with this site: When users come to your website they can browse through thousands of products. When they decide to make a purchase they are automatically redirected to this product on Amazon, where they complete the purchase and you get your affiliate commission. Furthermore, you don't just get paid for that one product. You get a commission on ANYTHING this user buys from Amazon that day! How to get traffic: One of the advantages of this site is that it usually generate organic traffic automatically, even if you don't do any promotion work (however I strongly recommend to do so if you want to increase your profit substantially). Lots of products on your store give lots of pages indexed by Google with the help of so called long tail keywords in product descriptions. As a result you get many pages indexed by Google = more organic traffic = more sales = more commission. Monthly time requirement and expenses: If you are looking for sites that do not require much of your time and will bring you stable income on autopilot, then you have found such store. The website is newbie friendly as it does not require any maintenance. Anyway, if you have any problems regarding the site, you can always contact me for any help. As for expenses, you just need to pay for hosting (about $5/month). How you can expand this business: These full-autopilot sites will bring you stable income anyway, but the more time you put into these sites adding content to the blogs and social media accounts the more profit they will bring you. These sites and niches have an opportunity to grow greatly for someone who has time to spend on marketing. The sites are ready to be taken to the next level. What is being included in the sale: - premium domain and website with full ownership - Unique Amazon affiliate plugin installed that can upload thousands of Amazon products in just a few minutes - Guides about how to operate and promote this Amazon store - Free help with transferring and setup - Full after-sales support Reason for selling: I have a solid experience working as Amazon affiliate. I am creating many sites, generally for my own Amazon affiliate account. But I am willing to share my experience with you and sell some of my products to get extra cash to support my project. So, if you are interested in earning with Amazon and want to get a professional support with a good piece of advice from a skilled online marketer, this site is right for you!



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