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** If you are not familiar with Brilliant Directories, check out the Brilliant Directories website to learn how it works and the built-in money making features that come with this listing. WHO IS THIS FOR? This website is perfect for any looking to break into the online space for Veterinarians. The site is fully-developed and acts as a portal to have paying members join and answer questions from consumers. This gives you - the owner of the website - an opportunity to generate revenue from paying members, paying visitors who ask questions, advertisers, and the opportunity to generate your own leads. WHAT YOU ARE GETTING: 1) A pre-built Question & Answer Website Business in the very popular niche for Veterinarians. 2) Premium keyword-friendly domain name. Google trends show the popularity for this industry increasing. 3) This website also comes loaded and pre-populated with a database of 200+ Veterinarians! This list has a value of $1,000 on its own. 4) MOST IMPORTANT VALUE: You are getting a LIFETIME FULL LICENSE subscription to use this site with the Brilliant Directories software. By purchasing this listing, you are also getting a FULL LIFETIME LICENSE to use Brilliant Directories without any future cost - This is a $4,000 VALUE. - Premium Domain Name - LIFETIME FULL LICENSE to use Brilliant Directories - Website that is ready to generate revenue from paying members, visitors, and advertisers *** Go to the site now and see how it works. FEATURES OF YOUR LIFETIME FULL LICENSE: • Use Brilliant Directories software - for life! • Free Lifetime Hosting • Free Built-In Payment Processing • Free Lifetime Email Marketing • Free Lifetime Technical Support (never pay a developer for anything) • Unlimited Software & Feature Updates The items listed above are worth at least $100 per month on their own. You get them FREE FOR THE LIFETIME of your site when using it with the Brilliant Directories platform which has already been paid in full for you. HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY: Use these strategies to generate revenue from this site right away • Paid Memberships • Paid Banner Advertisers • Sell Email Newsletter Blasts • Paid Membership Upgrades • Sell Leads to Members • Google Adsense Banners • Selling Related Services to Members: SEO Services, Website Design, 800 Numbers, Marketing Tools, and More!! This is a HUGE money maker. • BEST OF ALL: RESELL THE DOMAIN AFTER YOU BUILD MORE VALUE!! ARE THERE ONGOING EXPENSES? NO! Buy this listing today and never spend a penny on anything to keep the site up and running with Brilliant Directories. No hosting fees and free technical support. Normally people pay a monthly or yearly fee to use Brilliant Directories, but this domain package is connected to the FULL LICENSE PLAN - which means that you'll never have to pay another penny to keep this site online - just start marketing and making money. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I PURCHASE THIS LISTING? I will personally make the transition for you. I will transfer the domain right away, walk-you through using the software, and provide strategies on how to immediately generate revenue with the site. • Help with domain transfer • Provide admin login to Brilliant Directories • Tutorial walk-through of website • Introduce you to the Brilliant Directories support team • Free on-going support from Brilliant Directories FINAL NOTES: If you have ANY questions about this listing, leave a comment below or please contact me directly on Flippa. I respond very quickly and am happy to answer any questions. • Private message me on Flippa now with questions We are eager to sell this site. Feel free to ask any questions. Thank you.



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