What To Look For When Hiring A Logo Designer?

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A logo can make or break a company but hiring logo designers can be harder than it seems. The options are endless, there are going to be designers claiming to be great everywhere you look. It is a challenge to find the ideal candidate that will suit your needs perfectly, which is why this guide provides you with a checklist that will help you filter out the best logo designer for your project.

Go through the portfolio

A portfolio can say it all about somebody who claims to be a great logo designer. This should include work experience, as well as demonstrate the previous work done by the applicant. An experienced designer may cost you more than a junior designer would, but the experience always comes with a bonus of professionalism, more creativity and greater chances of satisfaction. If budget is not that much of an issue, always go for a designer who is more experienced and also has a stunning portfolio to back that up. The applicant should get bonus points for winning awards and honourable mentions in the past.

Scrutinize the work quality

When you go through several portfolios and check out their previous work, there are always going to be a few that absolutely stand out. If the previous work has in it something that strikes you, steals your attention, or seems more trendy and different than the rest, you may have found the right person.

Jack of all trades, master of none

Each designer has their forte, some designers specialise in UI/UX, logo, graphics, typography and so on. There are cases where a person strong at UI/UX may claim to be good enough for a logo design requirement, and this is exactly the type of person you may want to avoid. The portfolio should help you realize whether the applicant is truly skilled in logo design rather than simply claiming to be.

A chat goes a long way

A proper chat with the applicant will tell you a lot about the applicant’s communication skills and their understanding of your requirements. Here, you should check if the applicant asks you plenty questions about your needs. The applicant must be straight-forward, and should have pictured the whole process of working for you in advance. In short, check if the applicant possesses a certain working style that seems promising and right for your project.

Are they being real?

At the end of the day, every applicant is a stranger. Most Freelancers would never deceive a recruiter with a fake portfolio but you should always check for testimonials from the applicant  for previous happy clients. Testimonials serve as proof of the applicant’s ability to develop strong relations with his or her clients and provide results that satisfied their client’s needs.

Explanation of process

The designer should be able to fully explain to you the process they will be following in order to complete the job. Client satisfaction should always be of priority to the designer, and this should be evident as they explain the process. Ask if you will have an opportunity to revise the work and the options that they present to you.

Deadline Oriented

Will the work be successfully completed before the deadline? If so, how does the logo designer plan to achieve this? The designer must have a proper plan and strategy in place to achieve on-time completion of the project.

You should know better than anybody else the importance of a logo, and how much it can impact the image of your business. You should be expecting something exceptional from the designer. A person that is truly passionate about and skilled in logo design with a strong past record of happy clients is the one you are looking for.

Posted 17 August, 2018

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