Freelancer vs. Upwork

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You think you know this story. An epic clash of the freelance titans - Upwork and Freelancer. Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't a classic Hollywood story about bad and good guys. There are no winners and losers here, only poor and excellent choices you make. My story has a twist and begins with a very simple question.


What's the Best Platform for Freelancers in the World?

Do you think this is supposed to be an easy guess just because I'm wearing a T-shirt? Well, you got it wrong. Here's the answer every freelancer wants to know. Are you ready? Here it goes.

The best platform for freelancers in the world is the one where you earn the most. Are you surprised or disappointed with this answer?

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Freelancing Ain't Fishing

All freelancers in the world are the same. They think that freelancing is as same as fishing. More than one river means more chances to catch a fish. I used to be like this. At one point I had user accounts on Elance, oDesk, Guru, and Freelancer. Do you think I was a successful fisherman? Back in those days, I didn't catch many projects. Why? Well, I was a busy little bee flying from one site to another. The more I bid, the fewer invitations I got. I was tired and frustrated.


My First Exodus From Upwork

Luckily for me, Elance and oDesk decided to join forces and create Upwork. I definitely gave up on Guru, and I stayed on Freelancer. So, instead of four, I was bidding and working on only two freelance websites for a change. I was able to save a lot of time and energy, but I still wasn't quite happy.

On average, only one in ten new projects came from Upwork. In other words, was my superhero who was paying all the bills. Upwork was a sidekick who just couldn't catch up no matter how hard I try. I began to question myself. Was I too stupid for Upwork? One day I just had it enough. I also heard that there's a new promising thing called - an Upwork Rising Talent badge. It seemed that is easier to make it on Upwork as a newbie rising talent with no working record than as an experienced freelancer who is struggling all the time. So, I closed my account and started all over fresh and new.


My Second Exodus From Upwork

Much sooner than expected, I got my Rising Talent badge. However, this initial success didn't solve my problems. I still couldn't make it on Upwork as I planned and wished for. Upwork ended my misery by stabbing me in the back with the most unpleasant email for any freelancer. Long story short, they informed that I didn't have a future there and permanently deleted my account. 

At first, I was so angry and frustrated. But, then I realized something. Upwork actuality did me a huge favor. Once I was able to completely focus on my work on, I started earning and winning new projects like never before.


Do You Really Need All Those Freelance Accounts? 

Freelancers with a single account who work exclusively on one platform are a rare species. The majority of freelancers are still "fishing" on more than one location. I understand, and I don't judge them. We all want to increase our chances of winning new projects the best we can. Speaking for myself, is an endless sea where everyone can catch a goldfish to grant him more than three wishes.

As far as Upwork is concerned, I honestly wish them all the luck in the world. One thing just doesn't add up, though. Upwork says it's "the world's largest online workplace." There can only be one, not two largest freelance platforms. Right? There are 26,296,272 and still counting reasons that can prove Upwork totally wrong.


Posted 27 November, 2017

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