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There are two leading mobile operating systems that command the mobile market today; Android and iOS. Android takes the lead, with iOS coming in second. This ranking is due to its popularity amongst both consumers and developers. iOS remains more controlled and more stable, and is also the most common among better-paying customers. Following this, its developers are outstanding.

Being the most sought-after developers, the iOS developer community remains the strongest and most vibrant, with the developers sharing opinions and tips all over the internet.

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Top 35 Developers and Specialists worth Following on Twitter

  • Natasha Murashev

Natasha Murashev is a popular engineer who runs a blog called Natasha the Robot. Murashev also administers a Twitter account known as Swift Jobs Twitter. Her twitter account is @NatashaTheRobot.

  • Jay Freeman

Follow Jay Freeman, the man responsible for Java/iPhone, the Java entryway to an iPhone that is inclusive of Objective-C connections.

His twitter account is @saurik. Jay is a renowned writer and technology consultant. He lives for personal projects which include Cydia and Anakrino, a decompiler that works well with .Net from Microsoft.

  • Ahmet Yalcinkaya

Find this developer on twitter at @theswiftist for the latest on iOS happenings. This great mind doubles up as an iOS blogger and developer. Besides running a fantastic website known as dev-centric, Yalcininkaya manages another Twitter account known as Swift Trends. Follow any of these accounts to get the latest regarding iOS.

  • Ayaka Nonaka

Meet Ayaka on @ayanonagon on Twitter. Besides being a popular engineer, having joined the Apple team after about 3 years at Venmo, Ayaka is also successful in public speaking, project maintenance, and writing.

  • Matt Galloway

Like many iOS developers, Matt Galloway is multi-talented. He doubles up as a writer and developer. He is the main author behind Objective-C 2, and has helped Apple create a number of apps for its devices, among them the popular BeerMap. Interested in seeing what Galloway shares with his followers? Follow him at @mattjgalloway.

  • Chris Lattner

It is impossible to talk about iOS veterans without mentioning Chris Lattner. He worked with Apple for 12 years, and has been involved in its developments from the word go. He played a significant role in managing the tools on behalf of developers who designed Xcode, Compilers, as well as iPad’s prompt Playgrounds. Another significant role of @clattner_llvm includes operating the swift programming wording and shaping it since the year 2010. He is co-author of LLVM.

  • Chris Eidhof

Chris Eidhof, the man behind swift resource known as, can be found on Twitter at @chriseidhof. His site talks about different developments in iOS and macOS. He is also an excellent writer who greatly contributed to writing two development books known as functional swift, and the advanced swift.

  • Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich is another Apple guru in iOS development. Using his vast knowledge, Wenderlich operates a well-equipped website that has a number of important tutorials regarding Apple products. Besides being a great developer, Wenderlich is a writer who boasts different pieces such as swift apprentice and iOS 11. Follow his updates on his Twitter handle, @rwenderlich.

  • Delisa Mason

Delisa is a software developer that spends her time at Apple’s ecosystems of iOS and macOS. She is in charge of the Alcatraz Xcode package, as well as Xcpretty. Being an expert in this field, Delisa is a public speaker on iOS related fields. Follow her at @kattrali.

  • Simon Ng

Simon Ng is another Apple iOS expert. Ng takes key roles in organizing the Swift Hong Kong Meetup. For news on iOS developments, follow Simon at @simonng to see his regular updates, including the popular beginners guide for using Xcode 8.

  • Dave Verwer

Are you interested the latest iOS developments? To get this information in depth, follow Dave Verwer at @daveverwer. Dave is the author of a weekly issue known as iOS Dev Weekly that gives interested readers a summary of the latest happenings in iOS.

  • Oliver Drobnik

Drobnik runs a website that is home to tutorials and apps. The website also features job opportunities relating to iOS in general. Follow this Drobnik - who doubles up as trainer and technology journalist - at @cocoanetics to keep up with the latest updates.

  • Krzysztof Zablocki

Like many iOS developers, Zablocki is multi-talented. Besides being the co-founder of Pixle, he is an iOS engineer working at The New York Times. Pixle boasts the development of famous apps for Apple, for instance, Foldify. Follow him at @merowing_.

  • Michael Dominick

Michael is a software developer whose opinion really counts in iOS and macOS tips, among other topics. Find this Coder Radio co-host on @dominucco for the latest iOS updates.

  • Steve Streza

What would be more interesting than a mobile developer who can do some great content writing? Call that developer Steve Streza, and follow him at @SteveStreza for Twitter updates on the Apple ecosystem in general.

  • Rene Ritchie

Follow Rene on @reneritchie to get the latest content on what is happening around Apple. Being great in editing, Rene is the editorial director and an amazing Apple critic. You can also follow his articles at iMore.

  • Daniel Jalkut

Follow Daniel on @danielpunkass. He is an iOS expert with a website that welcomes technological experiments and views. He occasionally posts commentaries relating to iOS.

  • Federico Viticci

Follow Federico for frequent iOS conversations, on both his site and @viticci. Federico also plays a part in hosting AappStories podcast; a nice stop for the recent iOS happenings.

  • John Voorhees

John co-hosts Appstories with Federico Viticci. He is also a writer, whose tweets are worth following at @johnvoorhees.

  • Matt Gemmell

For Tweets on how to blend Apple products into your daily life, follow Matt at @mattgemmell. He gives his followers real-life ways of making the most out of iOS by giving his own examples. He also has a tech blog about Apple products.

  • Janie Clayton

Janie is a software engineer for both macOS and iOS. She is also the brain behind Red Queen Coder. Being good at article writing, she also doubles up as a blogger. Find Janie at @RedQueenCoder.

  • John Sundell

Sundell is a developer with a specialty in iOS games. He is currently working at Hyper. He is on record for being an outstanding iOS developer. Follow this mobile developer-come-blogger at @johnsundell.

  • Hosam Hassan

Hosam prides himself in building apps. Find him at @Objective_Neo and if you like his regular tweets on the iOS ecosystem, make sure to follow him.

  • Ellen Shapiro

Find this developer at @designatednerd. She says her work is designing apps that improve mobile phone usefulness. Ellen is an Android developer and a speaker on the side.

  • Rebecca Slatkin

You will find Rebecca at @RebeccaSlatkin, providing regular feeds on Xcode. Rebecca’s Tweets are informative but spiced with humor, which makes her an interesting developer to keep tabs on.

  • Steven Troughton-Smith

Troughton-Smith is an iOS developer, and also the founder of High Caffeine Content. When not developing for iOS, Steven is works on mobile app development for Windows phone, MacOS, WebOS or Android. Follow this iOS guru at @stroughtonsmith.

  • Ole Begemann

Begemman is a Swift expert. He is an accomplished writer, being a co-writer of advanced Swift and regularly posting swift-related blogs on his website. Follow Begemann at @olebegemann for more Swift feeds.

  • Sam Soffes

Sam Soffes works at iOS, including Obaby, Incredibooth and Bible app. Follow the only developer at Nothing Magical at @soffes for tech update feeds.

  • Peter Steinberger

This is the man behind Apple’s PDF viewer app, PSPDFKit. To see his thoughts, posted in his regular feeds, follow Peter at @steipete. He is also a blogger.

  • Florent Pillet

Pillet is a freelance tech consultant who majors in iOS, but also works on mobile app development for MacOs and Android. See what Florent shares with his followers by following him at @fpillet.

  • Adrian Kosmaczewski

Adrian has got talent in writing, speaking, and training. Follow the iOS software developer at @akosma. He is the writer of Android for iOS developers, which is a great read.

  • Tim Cook

Find Tim at @tim_cook on Twitter, and meet the CEO of Apple! You can read his feeds which are a reflection of his wide knowledge of Apple and its products.

  • iOS Dev Weekly

Though it is not a person, this is a Twitter account worth following. It provides followers with a summary of each week’s happenings at Apple. If you do not see it here, it probably doesn’t count.

  • iMore (@iMore)

This site brings you all things regarding Apple. Click follow to get regular updates.

  • Swift Language

Finally, we have swift language on @SwiftLang. Expect only new development themed tweets from Swift Language.


Following these developers on Twitter can help Apple users familiarize themselves with products, and learn how to make the most out of them.

Do you know other iOS developers worth following on Twitter? Let other freelancers know by commenting in the comments section below.

Posted 25 November, 2017


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