Top 5 things to keep in mind while building a WordPress website (For Beginners)

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In this article, I am talking about those basic points. Which any experienced WordPress developer knows. But those who want to come into this field now or those who have just started working on WordPress and are taking the project. They should know this general information. Some blogs and articles have been written on these general points, but they describe many specific themes and plugins that distract new developers.

1. ) The Right WordPress theme: Really, this is very tricky to find the right WordPress theme. There are so many blogs and articles where so many themes are recommended. But some of them are not giving true information. What should you do in this situation? There are some points that can help you to choose the right WordPress theme.

  • Check Out theme Sales and Reviews.
  • Check the demo of the Theme on the mobile network for performance.
  • Check Responsiveness.
  • Check the Compatibility of the theme with other plugins.
  • Check about Author Support.
  • Check when the theme will last be updated and with which WordPress version supports it.
  • Also check the PHP version of the theme.  
  • Don’t use nulled theme. Purchase or Download any paid theme from trusted and verified sources.

These points might help you to choose the right theme.


2.) Choosing right Plugins: This is a very important process for building a WordPress website. Because a wrong plugin might make your website unsecure and also effects performance.  There are some points to help you.

  • Check how many people have actively installed the plugin.
  • Check when the last update was done for the plugin.
  • Check Ratings and read reviews.
  • Also check the compatibility of the PHP and WordPress versions for the plugin.  
  • Don’t use nulled plugin. Purchase or Download any paid plugin from trusted and verified sources.


3.) Security: WordPress is an open-source CMS so this might be an insecure platform if you don’t use perfect security practices this might be harmful to your website and data. Don’t be afraid of it. There are so many big companies using WordPress to publish their blogs and article. There are some of the basic points that might help you to secure your website.

  • Install Trusted and Verified security plugins for the firewall.
  • If you are not using xmlrpc.php then disable it. (Some security plugins give this option)
  • Disable Indexing of Folders and Files by “.htaccess” File (Options – Indexes)
  • USE 2FA for administration.
  • Use SSL.
  • Don’t use Basic Password and Username for administration.
  • Disable User Enumeration.
  • Change default Login URL.
  • Limit Login Attempts.
  • Use Captcha to protect your site from spammers and bots.
  • Hide WordPress, JavaScript, and CSS versions.


4.) Hosting: Hosting is also a very important thing to build a website. Without hosting website can’t be complete. Wrong hosting impacts the website’s performance and Security. So choose trusted and verified hosting providers. Who gives you high-quality secured hosting. Also check, does the hosting provider provide daily or weekly backups?


5.) Extra Points :

  • Delete unused themes and plugins.
  • Delete garbage from the database.
  • Update WordPress site timely.
  • Back up your site on your own server or machine.
  • For Performance, Use plugin for Cache, Minify HTML, CSS and JS, and Lazy Load.



Posted 3 May, 2022


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