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The Freelancer Trust Score is at the core of how we handle verification, trust, and payments. The Trust Score is a value between 0-100 that indicates to what extent we have been able to verify who a user says they are. Employers and freelancers who are the safest to work with are those who put in more effort to verify themselves to become highly trusted users.

Trust Score For Employers

Having a high trust score is important for employers, as freelancers may decide not to bid on your project if you’re not a trusted user. This is particularly true of our more experienced freelancers, who are keen to make sure that any payment they receive is protected.

Trust Score For Freelancers

Having a high trust score makes it faster and easier to withdraw your hard-earned pay. Higher trust scores unlock more payment methods, attract shorter security periods, and have a higher monthly withdrawal limit.

In addition to these benefits, freelancers with higher trust scores will tend to rank higher in bid lists and on our directory. Employers may also shy away from working with untrusted freelancers, so improving your trust score may lead to more work.

Improving Your Trust Score

You can improve your trust score by verifying your identity through a number of systems. Completing each verification will add a fixed number of points to your trust score, so it is very clear what you can do to improve your score, and how much it will improve by.

The verification methods are:

  1. Email verification - 5 points
  2. Phone verification - 10 points
  3. Social network verification - 20 points
  4. Credit or Debit card authentication - 45 points

Verifying using any of these methods usually takes only a few minutes, and will give you faster withdrawals, a higher monthly withdrawal limit, and more jobs or bids.

You can see your current Trust Score, plus a range of ways to improve it on the Trust and Verification page.

Posted 10 January, 2016

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