Staying Fit On A Busy Schedule

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The benefits of staying fit and in good health cannot be overemphasized. But for most career people, the time needed to exercise or train can be hard to come by. Work, family, social commitments, business interests, commuting – all this can conspire to rob one of the necessary time. Ironically, it is these very things that need one to be as fit and healthy as possible. Without it, none of it can be enjoyed, nurtured, paid attention to, properly managed, monitored and assessed, or accessed. Therefore, even busy people have to find time to attend to their health, fitness and general well-being.


The first logical step would be to visit your doctor for a thorough medical checkup. One needs to know where they are before deciding on where they need to go. The temptation would be to jump into the latest fitness fads, dieting trend, the most popular gym in your neighborhood, and unrealistic goals out of desperation. Let your doctor review your checkup results and advise you on what limits to set and which problem areas to attend to.


Normally, the next thing to be addressed would be your diet. Most people assume they are eating right, but that may not be the case. Depending on your financial capability, one can consult a nutritionist. As a general rule, one should eat a balanced diet, with the three primary components of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins present; moderate your portions, have regular meal times, take plenty of water and remember, what your body keeps is the difference between what you consume and what you release as waste. Let it keep only the good stuff. Most people seeking fitness advice and plans are struggling with weight loss. Addressing what you are consuming and making appropriate changes is the first step. You cannot continue with your current habits and adopt new ones without it all being too much stress.


First. Let go of the old ways and then make new habits. When it comes to exercising, consulting a fitness instructor would be ideal. Look for ones with a good reputation and proven success cases. Avoid gimmicks, extreme cases or unrealistic promises. There are exercise regimes that have withstood the test of time. Any seasoned fitness instructor or even your doctor will tell you fitness is a lifestyle, not a three-month experiment.


Be careful. Different people have varying timetables. There are those who may have an hour or two to spare in a day. Some are only free at night. Some simply feel like they have no time. It is important to review your day or week and make time for your health and fitness. Exercising does not necessarily mean going to the gym. One can exercise at home, with minimal to no equipment, and come up with a regime adaptable to their schedule. A lot can be accomplished in as little time as 30 minutes three or four times a week. Your family can get involved too. This can be a good time to bond with them and have fun. Your spouse can be your gym partner or home workout partner. You can go running with your teenage kids or play in the backyard if they are younger. Those are energy demanding activities that would go a long way in helping you stay in good shape. For those with pets like dogs, it could also be a time to take them out of the house for a while.You could also adopt a more active lifestyle at work. For instance, you can cover shorter distances by foot instead of hailing a cab. You could stand and walk a bit after a set time interval if your work involves sitting behind a desk. Over the weekends, you can participate in more outdoor activities, involving family and friends, instead of staying indoors.


Over time, small incremental changes can have big positive impacts on one’s health, fitness, and general wellbeing. All that is needed is a review of one’s current health status, an analysis of one’s time, an adjustment of some lifestyle and dieting habits, support and participation of family and friends and commitment to better living. Making it fun shall make the journey as well as the destination worthwhile.

Posted 20 September, 2017


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