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Do you find yourself pulling your hair because you can’t seem to generate fresh content for your client? Have you been staring at a blinking cursor for too long? Have you scoured every possible resource on the Internet and found nothing new to spur even the slightest bit of inspiration?

Stop the sulking. We found six tools that can help you make irresistible content that both your client and target audience will love.

1. Portent’s Idea Generator

Portent’s Idea Generator is fun and easy-to-use. Just throw in a keyword or two in there and voila! There’s a sexy title for you… or maybe a silly one. But don’t worry, because you’ll definitely find something that will work for you in there. Just keep on trying with different variations of keywords relating to your niche.

It might take more than a few tries, but you definitely won't be bored with this tool, thanks to the witty notes found in thought balloons for every idea it generates. Those snippets of advice are actually helpful insights as to what makes your title or content sexy.

2. Hubspot’s Topic Generator


Just like Portent’s Idea Generator, Hubspot’s Topic Generator needs you to input at least one to three nouns before it generates five different ideas that can help jump-start your thought process. If you’re lucky, those five titles can be a week’s worth of posts or articles for your client.

3. Content Row’s Link Bait Generator

Content Row’s Link Bait Generator basically works the same as Portent’s and Hubspot’s tools. Just add a keyword and it will generate a list of about 20-something ideas for each input. 

The ideas that are generated from this tool are basically geared towards giving you "link bait" titles, or a statement that can compel today's type of Internet user to check your content out. Like the two tools above, it offers a number of choices that could hit or miss, but some suggestions are very similar to titles you usually see on websites like BuzzFeed or Viral Nova, so it’s really up to you to tweak them and make them fit for your needs.

4. ContentIdeator

ContentIdeator generates several pages of ideas, but it is a bit tricky to use. For example, typing in “age” could get you results like “How to Manage your Brand Reputation Online” and “Tips on Teaching English as a Foreign Language Abroad.” Say what?

To make this work for you, you need to strike a balance between being specific and broad. Only then will you get suggestions related to what it is you’re actually aiming for.

5. Build Your Own Blog’s Post Idea Generator

The Idea Generator from your Build Your Own Blog is a bit different from the first four in this list. Unlike them, this tool doesn’t require you to input a keyword before it suggests ideas. What it does is provide a title format that can help you get started, so feel free to abuse the “generate ideas” button until you find something you can use.

If this idea generator has helped you, you can return the favor and submit your ideas as well. It’s give and take, people. Don’t be greedy.

6. Inbound Now’s Blog Title Idea Generator

Whether you’re making SEO-friendly content or simply suffering from a case of writer’s block, Inbound Now’s Blog Title Idea Generator is a tool for you. It works similarly with Build Your Own Blog’s Post Idea Generator, and you can find both fresh and common ideas while using this tool. There’s also a “back” button, which makes it easier for you to revisit previous titles it suggested.

Amazing content comes from ideas, but it’s a huge problem when ideas don’t seem to come. If you’re stuck with writer’s block and there’s a deadline that’s fast approaching, try these six tools out and wow your clients with sexy, fresh, and irresistible output. 

Are there any idea-generating tools you use that we missed? What’s your favorite? Please share them with us in the comments. 

Posted 14 October, 2015


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