Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

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I had Latin in high school. To be quite honest, I wasn’t thrilled about it. Later, I become annoyed by people who liked to show off with their knowledge of Latin phrases. I mean, what’s the point? You have to Google like crazy just to figure out what has someone tried to say. The easiest way to put it is in plain and simple English. Why bother?
Then, I stumbled upon a Latin phrase, I liked so much that I thought, it would be a great tattoo. I’m dead serious about it. So, why this sudden change about the way I feel about Latin phrases?

The Handmaid's Tale Told By A Freelancer

Here’s my second moment of truth. I haven’t read the book, but I will. That’s a promise. In the meantime, I was watching the TV series. One of the episodes was all about this Latin phrases. What is it supposed to mean? More importantly, what it has to do with freelancing and freelancers?
My best and totally free interpretation is, don’t let the bad clients bring you down! This has become my mantra” I keep repeating whenever a client rubs me the wrong way. I get caught up in the malicious circle of revisions. I hit the wall of an I-am-your-client-I-am-your-boss-I-am-always-right attitude. I wait to get paid long after I submitted my work. I get an unjust bad review with the sole purpose to ruin my flawless working record. I know it’s time for me to do my Nolite-Te-Ritual.
Just because you’re going to repeat your favorite Latin phrase a couple of times, it won’t make your problems to go away. But, that’s not the point. You’re going to feel good about yourself and your work, even for a moment. Every freelancer knows that sometimes this is enough to get through a rough day at work.”

You Don’t Need A Tattoo Just A Life-Saving Screensaver

As you can see, I use my daughter’s old blackboard to organize my projects and keep track of my work. I just can’t help it. So, I write and clean this small blackboard every single day, over and over again. But, the Latin letters are here to stay and remind me never to lose faith in myself.
I know that a freelance life is way more complicated to simplify it and make it easier with one Latin phrase. But, what are the alternatives? At least, the healthy ones. Yes Sir” are going to become the only words, you’ll use when talking to your clients. Or, you will need a handful of tranquilizers to finish your projects.
If you have found a better solution to keep it cool while you’re freelancing, I have to say it, I’m all ears. While waiting to hear from you, I’m going to stick to my Nolite-Te-Ritual. It helps me keep my spirits up. There will always be bastardes” who will try to bring you down, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The only option you have is to change and strengthen your mental attitude. If a Latin phrase can help you achieve this goal, then use it as often as possible. Let me know does it work for you.

Posted 22 January, 2018

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