7 Modern Website Background Ideas For 2017

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Do you own a website? The choice of color and design determines the first impression visitors have upon landing. These elements communicate important yet intangible details, such as your individual or corporate personality. If you look around, you’ll notice that some government websites use their respective national flag as backgrounds.

No matter what you do, avoid using the exact website background concept used by your industry rivals. Black and white website backgrounds were once popular, because they radiated elegance and reliability. Nowadays, this background choice is all over the internet. Cliché designs lead to loss of web traffic because visitors cannot distinguish between similar looking websites.

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1. Geometry on Photos

Did you know that arc lines can be used in a photo to bring about a modern feel? Another advantage of using geometrical shapes is that they are easy to design.  Depending on your bandwidth, you can spice up your website by using HTML to create animated geometric shapes.

If you want the images on your website to draw attention, consider framing them inside geometric shapes. When using this approach, use dull shapes to contrast the frame and the mounted image. You can achieve this by adjusting the color density and using thick borders.

When using geometrical designs for your website’s background, it’s advisable to use similar shapes. For instance, rectangles go hand in hand with squares. You can also interchange circles and ovals. Using similar shapes helps to maintain consistency in the overall design. For best results, use a maximum of three colors.

2. Shades of Grey

Luxury brand product manufacturers use grey in their official websites for two important reasons. Grey, which is associated with advanced age, signifies maturity. International companies such as Nike and Apple use grey to represent their long histories in producing high-quality products. The second reason is that it evokes a calming effect on the target audience, making them more receptive towards the website’s content.

Grey can be used to bring about desired contrast. Just like the color white, a combination of black and grey is catchy and draws much-needed attention. For instance, you can use a grey background to emphasize call-to-action statements printed in black. This minimalist style of web design is affordable, and works for both official and informal websites.

If you’re tired of your black and white cliché website background, it’s about time you switched to shades of grey.

3. Layers of bright colors

Color blocks have become so popular that some international brands are remodeling their websites to make them vibrant. The use of bright color combinations is necessary to engage the audience on an emotional level. Color blocks also brighten up any text that appears on the website due to strong contrast.

Google determines a website's ranking based on the average duration each visitor spends on it. By strategically using layers of bright colors, you'll keep your visitor’s attention for longer. Another way of boosting traffic to product pages is by including your call-to-action statements in vibrant color blocks.

The first step of using color blocks is by selecting similar colors to avoid color clashing. For instance, you can create colored website background layouts using a combination of dark purple, light purple, and white. Next, make sure the fonts you use are legible, and do not fade into the background.

4. Asymmetry

Asymmetry is steadily becoming a popular trend, because it is synonymous with modern designs. The human mind is designed to look for symmetry in objects. This psychological principle is the main reason why most everyday electronic items are symmetrical. Asymmetrical layouts and designs are attention magnets, because they disrupt the conventional symmetry principle.

One way of spicing up a website that contains static images is by adding asymmetrical designs to bring about motion. Adjusting the contrast between asymmetrical designs helps to enhance dimensional aspects of the main background image. This method works best by using a combination of two or three colors.

You can maximize the exposure of your call-to-action statements by enclosing them in asymmetrical shapes that are positioned next to symmetrical objects. This arrangement brings about strong contrast due to the nonconformity of expected symmetry formats.

5. Abstract Art

Abstract art involves the clever use of basic geometric shapes to create unique and compelling designs, designed to evoke a certain emotion or message. A web designer can use black zigzag lines to create motion in the website’s background. Minimalist designers enjoy designing abstract art-themed website backgrounds because one doesn’t have to use a wide variety of colors.

You can create abstract art pieces for your website’s background by using camera photos. You may be required to use a photo editor tool in order to crop out some unwanted bits. A photo editor tool will also help you correctly adjust your image’s color properties to the required specifications of your website.

Do you need some inspiration for coming up with fantastic abstract art ideas for your website? You can view thousands of unique abstract art photos on Pinterest. It’s free, and the site is regularly updated with new abstract art visuals.

6. Blurred background

The blurred background approach conforms to minimalist approach web design principles, because it requires the use of one image or a simple combination of colors. It is common to come across company websites whose background consists of a blurred out logo. In other scenarios, an official website can feature the official company colors faded into the background.

By suppressing the visibility of the main background image or colors, one can conveniently incorporate dynamic animations. The contrasts arising in colors and motion help in drawing attention, which is necessary to improve a website’s SEO ranking. If you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your website’s appeal, consider using blurred photographs to create a modern feel.

This modern website background works well with uncluttered web pages. Ensure the links in your web pages are neatly organized. Get rid of unnecessary links, and check the font color doesn’t disappear into the website’s background.

7. Doodles

The Doodle background website layout is a classic example of minimalistic background design because it relies on two common items; a notebook layout, and pencil fonts. The contrast that occurs between dark pencil fonts and the bright background makes sures each link receives maximum exposure. Plus, visitors are more likely to pay attention to the handwriting fonts on your web pages.

One reliable way of maximizing the presence of your call-to-action statements and important links is by using different colored pencil fonts. The Doodle background complements uploaded images, because the white background brings about contrast when placed next to bright colors. You can use a variety of vibrant colors to segment your web pages for higher exposure.

When selecting a suitable background, avoid using clichéd choices such as the all-white or black-and-white backgrounds. Being unique enhances your brand’s credibility in the eyes of potential clients who visit your website. Research how to use different color combinations to let you to come up with background designs that radiate warmth, and enhance important bits of information.

Use spacing to your advantage by grouping similar links within the same section of the web page. This helps visitors to find what they are looking for at a glance.

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Posted 12 September, 2017


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