Hello India! Tell Me How You’re Doin’?

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Back in the 1990s, an anonymous dentist from Nigeria made the music history in Sweden and all over the world, with his smashing dance hit: “Hello Africa! Tell Me How You’re Doin’?” If you’re a dance music addict, then you know I’m talking about Dr. Alban. I guess that the freelance Millennials have no other choice than to consult YouTube and Wikipedia to hear and learn more about this dance music legend. 

Now, we need a new dentist or developer with the music ambitions, who will come from India. Well, according to an eye-opening article in the Guardian, we’re witnessing one of the most significant changes the world has ever seen.


India – The Land of Young People


Almost a half of the entire India’s population are young people, under 25 years old. Here’s the mind-blowing math. We are talking about 600 million youngsters, give it or take. Now, I’m a bit lazy to Google my claim, and you’re free to prove me wrong, but I believe that this impressive number can match the combined populations of the EU and the USA. Again, give it or take, a few hundred million people more or less. Honestly, who cares?


So, what’s the first thought on every young mind? How and where to find a job. Am I right? Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not necessarily implying that all these young people should become freelancers. Most of them are probably freelancing as we speak, but the future of freelancing doesn’t have a pause button. Ask Google, but a few years from now, freelancers will outnumber the traditional 9-to-5 working army. That’s a fact. Where will all those Indian newbie freelancers sing up for work?


Look Who’s Freelancing Now on Freelancer.com!


If you’ve already found Dr. Alban’s “Hello Africa” on YouTube, my next suggestion is “Look Who’s Talking Now.” You ain’t going to regret listening to this one too, that’s for sure. Freelancer.com is going to hit 30 Million users pretty soon. I’m not going to be surprised if a few years from now, Freelancer celebrates the next historical milestone – the 100 Million new users. It’s inevitable and it’s good news for all those young guys in India looking for work.


Freelancer has been both natural and preferred choice for Indian freelancers from the early beginnings to this day. I expect that this partnership is very likely to further intensify and ensure a win-win scenario.


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Happy 26th January India and Australia!


I sure hope that this article is going to make it on time to say: Happy 26th January to both Indian and Aussie freelancers! I didn’t know that the 26th January is the nation’s Republic Day in India and the National Day of Australia. One will say that this is a lucky coincidence, but for me, this one has a deeper more symbolic meaning. This is what happens when you listen too much to good old dance music. You become too emotional. So, hello India, tell me how you’re doin’?

Posted 24 January, 2018

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