Growing our career as a Preferred Freelancer

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We were introduced to the Preferred Freelancer Program in the summer of 2018 and we’ve never looked back! 

The PFP has played an incredibly important role in our growth over the past 3 years, as it has helped us create a strong and constant flow of revenue for our business. When clients see that orange badge, they know that we are a business that deserves their trust. 

The PFP recruiters connect us directly with clients based on our skills, experience, and the job at hand. This eliminates the “cold-lead” process because the leads they provide are already hot! The process then becomes frictionless, as all that’s left to do is talk to the client, discuss the job requirements, and get to work! 

The level of support that we get from their dedicated Preferred Freelancer Program Team is unparalleled. They are thorough, concise, and no question ever goes unanswered. This can’t be said for many programs of the same category. 

Before we were introduced to PFP, we felt like bidding for projects was a constant battle. An endless cycle of effort and disappointment, with a few wins sprinkled in between. Now not only are the projects brought to our doorstep, so to speak, but many of the projects we get are only available through the Preferred Freelancer Program. This means less time “pitching” and more time delivering. 

We can’t recommend this program enough, and we look forward to using it well into the future of BrightDock.

Posted 15 September, 2021

BrightDock LLC

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