Everything you need to know about writing bid proposal

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You might be brand-new to the Freelancer website. You may have been working on it for quiet some time but haven't yet received that elusive first assignment. It's probably not your talent set that is deficient.

Writing an attention-grabbing bid that makes you stick out from the competition and highlights your impressive skills is an art form. We'll show you how to do it.

What do bids mean on freelancer.com?

Let’s start by looking at what exactly is a bid in Freelancer. 

In Freelancer, a bid has the same significance as a job application anywhere else. When a potential employer wants to hire a new employee, they post an advertisement. They describe the job and the required skills. Then, potential employees register for jobs by submitting their CVs or resumes.

In Freelancer, a bid is not very different. Clients essentially submit job descriptions on Freelancer.com. This submission establishes an "auction" for qualified assistance to finish those tasks. Each project has a particular set of skills required, so freelancers who possess those skills "bid" on the project. That is why it is referred to as "a bid in Freelancer." In reality, it's just a method of applying for the position. The main distinction is that a Freelancer bid enables you to temporarily collaborate with the client on a given job. Although it's not always the case, you might gain the chance to be rehired.

How to place a winning bid on freelancer.com?

If you would like to work on projects right away, just log in to Freelancer.com.

To Begin Working

1.      Choose your skill or job category.

2.      Click on a project that falls within your budget, or use the sliders to change your parameters.

3.      Select the "Bid on this Project" option.

4.      Carefully read the project description.

5.      Finish the Bid Information.

·        Bid Amount (check the currency!)

·        This project will be finished in ____ days

·        Describe your proposal

·        Suggest a milestone payment

1.      Sponsor, Seal or Highlight your bid.

2.      Press the bottom-positioned blue "Place Bid" icon.

There you have it, then! You've connected with a potential employer!

Approximately halfway down the right side of the page where you place your offers on Freelancer keep track of the number of open bids. 

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How to win bids on freelancer.com?

Although it might seem like a simple game of numbers, bidding is more complicated than that. It goes further than merely applying for jobs with the pay and skill level you favor. If you are genuinely passionate about the subject, give some thought to coming up with a creative plan that demonstrates your passion.

Before submitting, familiarize yourself with previous freelance bid proposals to see what they typically contain. Additionally, for each offer, ensure that you:

  • Read descriptions carefully. Provide the customer with the requested information and adhere to all instructions.
  • Do your research. If the company's name is mentioned, find out about its guiding principles or any other information that might help you connect with the hiring manager.
  • Write a cover letter. Describe your background and abilities in a brief introduction.
  • Include samples or a portfolio. Draw attention to any previous work that is relevant to the project.
  • Share proposed cost and timeline. Mention your hourly cost or project rate as well as the anticipated completion date.
  • Provide easy communication. List your hours of availability and the best way to reach you.

What should you do after bid in Freelancer.com?

Congratulations! You've submitted an excellent bid for the job. The decision now rests with the employer. However, it doesn't imply that your work is done. You can follow a few simple steps to turn a winning bid into a winning project and guarantee yourself future employment.

Follow up

Don't be concerned if you don't hear from the employer straight away. They probably have a ton of offers. Do not be hesitant to send a direct message if the initiative is still active. While you don't want to seem intrusive, a polite, direct greeting can help people remember you.

Reply Promptly

If you are given the assignment by the employer, be sure to respond as soon as you can. You want to establish a reputation for being approachable and a skilled communicator. Make sure you grasp the project completely by asking a few more questions and stay in touch with the employer to let them know how you're doing. Consider setting 3-5 milestones throughout the project with specific objectives using the "Suggest a Milestone" feature.

Protect Your Work

Make sure to include a watermark or other distinctive mark on any work samples you give to potential employers.

Exceed Expectations

Doing an excellent job is the best way to receive more bids. If you go above and beyond for a client, they're more likely to give you a good review and hire you again for subsequent tasks. New clients can use your reviews and ratings as a strong indication. Although winning your first bid is a significant accomplishment, the job you actually do will determine your level of success.

Final Thoughts

It is entirely feasible to have a successful freelance career. We frequently hear stories of freelancers using this platform to build impressive streams of revenue.  To make sure that your bids get noticed and rewarded repeatedly, use the advice in this guide.

Posted 18 March, 2023



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