4 No-Nonsense Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

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If you’re wondering if your business should have a blog, the quick, no-nonsense answer is YES.

Blogging, which used to be just a personal hobby, has quickly turned into a money-making venture -- so it comes to no surprise that businesses have infiltrated the industry. Influencers have emerged and brands found the tool as a means to reach out to their community in a much more fun and engaging manner.

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Food, tech, travel, and fashion are only some of the industries that thrive on blogging. What industry is your startup in? If you don’t have a blog yet, here are key reasons why you should have one:

Update your community.

Your blog is a means of updating your community about the newest releases in your company, from events to product revamps. At Freelancer, we release product updates through our blog -- particularly when there are changes to our products such as the Mobile App or Membership Plans. A blog is an easy way to get the message across while being able to explain processes (such as how-to's or guides) to make using products better for our community.

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Boost website traffic.

Blogging falls under the huge umbrella that is Internet marketing, and the primary goal you want to achieve is increased website traffic. While good content already merits people to visit your website and read your blog, great content converts -- which is actually your end goal. Don’t forget to put a CTA in your blog, and link to related blogs as well. What do you want readers to do after reading your blog?

Grow your network.

A blog is a great way to gain exposure in your industry and community. Using the platform as a PR tool, you can use your blog to tap influencers and gain followers. Influencers are key people in the industry that can contribute content to your blog, and you can collaborate with on events and product promotions. With the help of influencers who function as brand ambassadors, your business can gain the trust of your influencers’ followers and ideally convert them into customers.

Bring more value to your customers.

The only thing consumers are looking for in a product is value. Whether it is about making day-to-day life easier or serving an utterly sumptuous meal, your product must be able to satisfy at the very least and deliver what is expected. Remember, a well-written, cleverly crafted blog can be a compelling tool to help your market see how and why your product can make an impact in their lives.

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If you’re still deciding whether you should continue the blog that you’ve started, here’s a final note: measure results. Start by noting down page views, link clicks from social media platforms, engagement (shares, comments), and conversion. The hard truth is that you can’t expect immediate results. But the fact is, a blog is a smart investment that you can reap results from in the long run.

Your business blog is an effective promotional platform that runs at no cost -- just your time. But, if you simply do not have the time, Freelancer.com has plenty of top notch writers to help you produce quality content. Hire a professional writer today.

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Posted 3 October, 2016

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