35 Graphic Design Tips For Beginner Designers

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One interesting fact about graphic design is that you can learn it without going for a paid tutorial course. I have dedicated this article to one of my colleagues who was able to learn graphic design from the experiences he gained through my mistakes. With so much information available online today, you can get tons of materials that will guide you into becoming a better graphic designer.

Here are some tips beginners need to be a successful artist. These tips are basics that need to be followed if you desire success moving forward.

35 Essential Tips for Budding Designers

1. Keep practicing

The best and only way to become a master in any field is by practicing. As a designer, never relent in improving your skills. There are a multitude of materials available online you can use to upgrade your skills.

2. Get mastery over Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the tools that enhances your creativity and helps you create something beautiful and unique. There are books on Photoshop that will make graphic designing easier for you.

3. Accept criticism

Don't be afraid of criticism. It’s a sure-fire way to learn and be strong as a designer.

4. Don't be greedy in your learning

As a beginner, you don’t need to download every online tool you see. Take it one at a time and avoid unwanted plugins and brushes that will reduce your computer memory, thus affecting its performance.

5. Be patient

Nothing good comes easy. As a learner, there are times you’ll face some challenges that will make you want to quit. Try to stay positive and believe that it requires only time before you see improvements.

6. Follow other designers

Browse through other artists' work and learn something new from their experience and expertise. Look for professional designers online and visit their websites to get ideas and enhance your creativity.

7. Be organized

Make sure all the brushes and essential tools you download are well kept in folders for easy access. Once you start saving files randomly in different folders, you may get confused and things will be difficult to find.

8. Design on daily basis

Don't go a day without doing something with designing. If you have no project at hand, do something new on your own.

9. Analyze

Once you find a site that has amazing work you like, spend time on it to see how things were done. Examine the kind of brushes that were used, the fonts, the background, and so on. Understand the tools that were used, and how they were used.

10. Don't make fun of other beginners

This is a common thing with beginners. You may see them making fun of their mates on forums. This is something that should be frowned upon.

11. Be yourself

Follow experts, but don't copy everything from them. The aim of following them is to get inspired and learn how to use some tools. Always keep in mind that your creativity and uniqueness must never be compromised.

12. Keep a diary

This does not mean write about how you spend your day. As a designer, ideas may come to  mind at any time. You need to put them down because they are bound to be forgotten easily.

13. Visualize the world with a designer's eyes

Everything around you should give you a concept of what to do. Looking at the painting on the wall of your house should motivate you to try something unique.

14. Your motivation creeps in gradually

Don't be mad at yourself because you are not getting inspired as you ought to. It can take some time before the inspiration starts flowing well. Keep pressing, and your motivation will grow.

15. Create your personal clipart

You can create virtually anything you want from Photoshop. Create a brand for yourself instead of just copying people's ideas.

16. Associate with other designers

As a beginner, you need to talk with experts. Ask questions and visit forums that are focused on designers. I bet you’ll be amazed at the wealth of information you’ll find.

17. Work with details

Every detail given to you by your client is important. Don't underestimate any of them.

18. Don't get carried away by numbers

At this stage, your focus should be on quality and not the number of projects you can handle in a week. Do not get fascinated by the number of projects an expert designer handles every day.

19. Implement what you learned as soon as possible.

Once you learn something new - for example, how to use Photoshop - dive straight in and work with it. This will help put your creativity to use.

20. Be trendy

Follow the bandwagon and get yourself acquainted with all the latest trends. This is the only way to stay relevant and successful in this field.

21. Don't be scared of novelties

Don't be afraid to try new stuff you see on an expert site. Just be careful enough to know if it will blend well with your style of work.

22. Get free tools online and use them

There are tons of freebies you can download online. Different Photoshop brushes, customized plugins, and a lot of more tools. Just be sure what you are going for is what you’ll find useful for designing.

23. Respect copyrights

To be a professional, you must guard your reputation diligently. If you must use the image of another designer, you must acknowledge the author's work. You can even get your image from any photography website.

24. Create your portfolio first

Virtually every client will want to see what you are capable of before offering you a job. So you must diligent in creating a portfolio that can be presented to prospective clients to assess your work.

25. Learn the rules of graphic design

To be a successful designer, you must first learn the theoretical part of this profession. There are rules governing graphic design that need to be learned to produce a suitable design.

26. Take your time to deliver your project

Once you and the client have agreed on what's needed, take your time to produce excellence. Many beginners are so desperate to get their first work done, they hurry it and end up spoiling the opportunity.

27. Enjoy what you do

When given a project to handle, free your mind and be as creative as you can.

28. Don't always depend on default settings

Some projects may require you to use the default, but try to customize your work as much as possible.

29. Don't do more than you know

Don't overestimate your ability. Work with what you are sure of and don't overdo things.

30. Draw a comparison between your job and other projects

This is an excellent way to self-assess your work. Instead of waiting to be criticized, compare with other projects - and be honest with yourself.

31. Spend time meditating

Take some time off work and meditate on different things entirely. This will help refresh your mind, and create room for creativity and innovation.

32. Be professional

When handling a project, let it be clear and understandable to your clients. Don't do things  only you understand.

33. Believe in your ability

Self-belief is a vital element for success in anything you do. Believe in your ability and always say to yourself, "I can do it."

34. Be selective when it comes to advice

Not every piece of advice needs to be followed. Some are not helpful, and may lead you in the wrong direction. Use your discretion and select advice that will be beneficial to you.

35. Be hopeful for better days

Stay positive, and be confident that in few years, you will turn out to be a pro.

Following these tips will eventually make you a better graphic designer. Remember, nothing good comes easy.

If you want to become a better graphic designer, these tips have been put together to help you be successful. Just follow these 35 tips and see the effect on your graphic designing. Happy Designing!

Are there any tips you want to give to fellow freelancers-cum-budding designers? Go ahead and share a few words of advice in the comments section.



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